Jamie über seine Rolle in Harry Potter 7.1

Jamie Campbell Bower sprach kürzlich mit PeopleTV über seine Rolle in Harry Potter und die Heiligtümer des Todes.

Yes, I’ve been involved in the final Harry Potters – a very, very minor role. Being English, and being an actor, I think they felt that they had to ask me, just because I don’t think you’re allowed to work unless you’ve been in Harry Potter. Not to say that Tom Hardy or Andrew Garfield, just because you haven’t been in Potter, doesn’t mean you’re not cool, but you haven’t been in it, so, jog on.

I met my now-fiancée, Bonnie Wright, not on the Potter set – I met her at a party. And she’s wonderful. She was great in the last one – she looked great in the one before, as well, but she was snogging some short guy with round glasses, which wasn’t very cool.

Doch schaut selbst: Hier gehts zum Video.


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